Dont get me wrong, Wix has its place, its an easy way to get you started in the world of websites.

We recently took on 2 clients that had been using the Wix platform with another “web agency” (ps … you’re not a web agency if the best you can do is a Wix website). To ensure they had no downtime, we told one of the clients we would pay for the Wix site until the new one was ready as they had fallen out with their previous web company.

We had never used Wix before and we were suitably impressed with its array of features, and then the invoices started to come in…

Cheap right?


In 3 months, a single client with their basic website and google email had be charged over £250. That is £1000 per annum to host the site with a nice (but complicated for a novice) content management system.

On the flip side, our basic unlimited business hosting with email is £180 + VAT per annum. We charge a maintenance fee per month to make sure your website is up to date and backed up, but it doesn’t cost anywhere near £1000 per annum!

Before you dive into a do it yourself solution – give us a call – you may be suprised how much you save over 2-3 years.

Your website is an investment – make sure you invest wisely!

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