Today, a report from suggests that the Mossack Fonseca breach may have been carried out using an exploit found on their global website.

While its funny to think that a simple website exploit can take down Iceland’s PM, it highlights the importance of keeping your website up to date.

The report suggests that a known exploit in RevSlider (a popular slider plugin for WordPress) was used to gain access to their systems and network. The exploit is well known, documented and reported – it has also been fixed in versions since, however, the Mossack website had not updated their plugins and hackers were able to use the exploit to gain access.

X30 offer WordPress maintenance with all of their website which includes updating plugins (to patch exploits) and daily or weekly backups to enable swift reinstatement of a website should the worst happen. If you have a WordPress website, get in touch today to see how we can help plug the security holes hackers can use to gain control of your site.

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